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Men from NE rescued from Goa's mines

Some 16 men from the North-East who had been lured to Goa as hotel security guards but instead forced to work in the mines were rescued on Tuesday by Goa police and the North East Association of Goa. The association learnt of the plight of the men when it received a complaint from Kohima-Nagaland resident Lamumerem Jamir that his brother and some other men were victims of trafficking.
With police help, the association managed to rescue 14 men from Nagaland and two from Assam. When the association reached the mine on Tuesday, they found that 11 of the men had escaped and were hiding in Ponda and another two had been admitted in hospitals. Association president Wungchipem Pheirim said the 14 men on arrival in Goa on August 5 did not see a single beach or hotel and instead found themselves lodged in flimsy tents in forests and completely isolated. He added that they were not provided with toilets or potable water. He added that with police help the association was able to place 13 of the men on a train back to Nagaland.

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