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Remove Goa's name from tobacco products

An organization aimed at ending the use of tobacco in India suggested that the state of Goa register its name to halt its unauthorized use by commercial entities like
the betel nut product, ‘GOA gutka', which the anti-tobacco group said creates the false impression that gutka, a combination of crushed betel nut with tobacco and other substances, isn't illegal in the state. Shekhar Salkar, general secretary of the National Organization for Tobacco Eradication, said in a statement that the government should "come up with norms restraining the usage of the name for commercial purpose without the prior consent and permission of the state," the news service reported.
Manohar Parrikar, chief minister of the state of Goa, said his government will consult with legal authorities about how best to protect Goa's name and that some legal action will be taken against the makers of GOA gutka.

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